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The consultations listed below are for a one time consultation visit to resolve any or all of your designs issues that can be answered in one visit. When you need an expert's eye to assist you in your design making decisions. It will be followed up with a call or email that will contain content we discussed during the consultation. That content could be the name of a manufacturer, product or tradesmen or some research I followed up on for your assistance. And of course we will ask if you have any further questions. 
The second way we can help you is with larger projects. To sit down and discuss a renovation, addition or any furniture procurement needs, please call the office to set up a time for us to visit the site and hear your needs and requirements at no cost to you. We will then follow up that meeting by developing a project scope and a corresponding fee proposal for you to review and approve before any work begins.

Look forward to collaborating with you!

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